CORE 9-oz BLUE Label Uniform

CORE 9-oz BLUE Label Uniform

The Core Blue Label is a very smart, yet economic and competitively priced light weight 9-oz Karate Uniform (Gi).

Using superior workmanship, this uniform is hard-wearing and designed for comfort and freedom of movement.


  • High quality uniform
  • 9-oz Polyester/Cotton blended fabric
  • Comfortable and extremely robust material
  • Pants have elastic waist band
  • No shrinkage and quick drying
  • Two layers of material on the shoulder area for special comfort, superior reinforcement and durability
  • Best quality yarns are used for heavy duty reinforcmement stitching to offer powerful strength and long-lasting wear
  • Comes with a white belt
Sizing Guide Caring for your uniform


  • Material: 8-oz Polycotton
  • Sizes: 000/110cm, 00/120cm, 0/130cm, 1/140cm, 2/150cm, 3/160cm, 4/170cm, 5/180cm, 6/190cm, 7/200cm
  • Colour: White, Black

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